British Values

As an Academy we actively promote our community as part of a democratic and diverse British society.

All of our Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 classes are named after worldwide countries, and this provides an excellent opportunity for us to promote British values through making comparisons. We expect children to develop an understanding of the law as it applies to them, respect individual rights and equality and experience aspects of democracy. As an equal opportunities organisation, we also foster respect and tolerance of all those within our community, regardless of their faiths, beliefs and viewpoints. We ensure that there are opportunities for our pupils to learn about their country through our teaching and our values.

We encourage positive Relationships and Learning Behaviours within our Environment. We also Celebrate Ambition, Innovation, and Progress within our community. These values are highlighted as themes at weekly assemblies, and underpin our ethos.

Our Academy proactively engages with nationwide events. This can be through ‘Newsround’-style assemblies where awareness of current affairs is raised, or sometimes through organising events that directly involve the children around special events, such as elections, celebrations and other high-profile events.

Some examples of how British Values were promoted in 2015-16

Respect for others
  • Armistice Day
  • Anti-Bullying Week
  • Guy Fawkes themed day
  • Harvest assembly - foods for around the world
  • Team work
Choices and democracy
  • Head Boy, Head Girl and prefect applications
  • Helping to improve lunchtimes - politeness and tidiness
  • Keeping safe in the dark
  • Keeping safe from fire
  • ‘Being a good friend’ assemblies
  • Guy making competition
  • Weekly celebration assemblies
  • ‘Quest’ project
Rules and the law
  • Launch of the new behaviour policy
  • Celebration of rewards relating to smileys
Rights and responsibilities
  • Playground Buddies
  • Sports Leaders
  • Year 6 Business Ambassador programme
  • Karate assembly- standing up for yourself
  • E-safety
Impact of British Values work in 2014-15

During 2014-5 we have worked with children through assemblies and PSHEe to develop children’s social awareness, tolerance of others and understanding of themselves as British citizens.

Our records show that there were 6 incidents of alleged racism, of which 4 were proven to be founded, and 7 incidents of alleged bullying, of which 3 were proven to be true. Support was given to all children involved in these incidents, regardless of their outcomes, as we take seriously the responsibility for educating them in what is acceptable and fair behaviour.

A significant focus was given to Anti- Bullying assemblies and activities throughout the year, as evidence in incident records shows that a significant number of children and parents continue to refer to bullying when reporting friendship issues. Our aim has been to address the friendship issues whilst continuing to educate both parents and children in their understanding of bullying.

A significant event within the year was the General Election, and this was used to promote the process of democracy and broaden children’s awareness of an individual’s right to vote and have an opinion. There was clear evidence that children, especially in Key Stage 2, were able to vote based upon their own opinions and understood the democratic process.

Our assemblies and PSHEe work covered the following areas of British Values:

Respect for others
  • Anti-bullying Week workshops
  • Remembrance Day- 100 year anniversary of the start of WW1
  • Harvest assembly
  • SEAL work on Relationships
  • SEAL work on Friendship
  • SEAL work on getting on with others
  • Assembly on resolving friendship difficulties
  • Assembly on how to get on with people
  • ‘Diwali’ assembly
  • ‘Newsround’ assemblies
  • ‘The Hare and The Tortoise’ assembly
  • Christmas assembly on saying ‘Thank you’ to others
  • Mufti day and themed day in response to the winners of the Hollington election campaign
Choices and democracy
  • Election of the School Council
  • The General Election assembly
  • Hollington election campaign- themed week around the general election with children standing for election. Every child was given the right to vote
  • Politeness campaign back up with the ‘Top Table’ at lunchtimes
  • Termly anti-bullying assemblies
  • SEAL work on Anti-Bullying
  • SEAL work on Going for Goals
  • Celebrating personal achievements- rock climbing theme around scaling El Capitan
  • Aspirations assembly - working with animals
  • Aspirations assembly - working with people
  • British inventions assembly
  • Assembly on democratic leaders - David Cameron, Barack Obama, Angela Merkel
Rules and the law
  • ‘How parliament works in Britain’ assembly
  • SEAL work on New Beginnings
  • Assembly - Why do we have rules?
  • Assembly - What happens when there are no rules?
  • Assembly - road safety
Rights and responsibilities
  • Head Boy, Head Girl and prefect roles
  • E-Safety Day
  • SEAL work on New Beginnings
  • Playground Buddies roles and training
  • Sports’ Leaders roles and training
  • Peer mediators roles and training
  • Assembly on the right to vote - Suffragettes