Year 2 Rabbits

Our teacher is Mrs Hagues

Mrs Hagues
local_drink Drinks
Please can the children bring in a separate water bottle (water only) each day. Please ensure your child has a named water bottle with water in only. Thank you.
PE Days

PE Days are Wednesday and Friday. Please make sure your child has the correct PE kit and ensure every item of clothing is named. Earrings need to be taken out or covered with surgical tape otherwise they will not be able to take part in PE

bookmark_border Reading is important!

Spelling practice and reading needs to take place at home every night from Monday to Friday. Please read with your child each night for a chance to receive a treat from the treat box on Fridays.

Don't forget to visit our school library!

Term 5

Monday, 30th April, 10:44 AM

Welcome back. In term 5 our topic is 'I'll Huff and I'll Puff'. We'll be looking at traditional stories and some of the phrases used. We'll be talking about the character, the big bad wolf and discussing whether he's really was such a bad character after all. What adverbs and adjectives can we think of to describe him?  In Maths we'll be recapping on strategies for solving problems and in Science we'll be answering the question 'Can people with longer legs run faster?' In History we'll discuss the success of sporting heroes from the past.