Year 4 McCartney

Our teachers are Mrs Drinkwater and Mrs Upton

Our teaching assistant is Mrs Akar

Mrs Drinkwater Mrs Upton Mrs Akar
directions_run Daily Mile
Please can children bring a water bottle, trainers / plimsoles, hat and have sun cream applied each day so that we can safely run our mile - the children are getting fitter already and are loving it!

Homework is to be handed in on a Tuesday. The children will also have weekly spellings (15) and tables to learn for a test on Friday.

PE Days

Our PE days are a Monday and Tuesday. One session will be with Mr Byford. The children must have a kit for PE and keep it in school. They can wear trainers or plimsolls.

bookmark_border Reading is important!

Please continue to read 5 times a week - this is so important. Lucky dips are handed out on a Friday for those who have their book signed by an adult on 5 occasions in the week. You will be helping your team to win the Reading League!

Don't forget to visit our school library!

This term

Friday, 24th February, 11:28 AM

This term our topic is based around the book 'Varjak Paw' by SF Said. We will be writing newspaper reports, role playing different characters, creating our own poetry, writing diary entries from different characters' points of view and practising our reading strategies.

In Maths we are learning about sorting shapes, statistics, co-ordinates, angles, symmetry, time 12 and 24 hour analogue and digital, mental arithmetic and will be carrying out problem solving tasks weekly.

Our Science topic this term is 'Electricity' where we will construct and draw simple circuits, find out which materials make the best conductors and using this to make switches. Wire plugs & find what happens to a bulb’s brightness when circuits are changed.


We will be studying the Ancient Egyptians where we will locate Egypt and the main features on a map, creating our own timelines, finding out about life in Ancient Egypt and particularly looking at the Cat Goddess Bastet.

Any Egyptian research in books or on the internet will be valuable.

In PSHE we are discussing 'Relationships', covering issues such as responses to a range of feelings, the concept of keeping something confidential or secret, stereotypes, how to recognise and manage dares, how to develop and maintain positive, healthy relationships, acceptable and unacceptable physical contact and how to respond to it, how our actions affect others and how to manage conflict. This is part of our British Values teaching: Respect for others.