Year 5 Banksy

Our teachers is Mrs Marchant

Our teaching assistant is Mrs Bames

Mrs Marchant Mrs Bames
local_drink Drinks
Please can the children bring in a separate water bottle (water only) each day. Thank you.


Swimming this term will take place at the Silverdale pool every Tuesday and we will set off from school around 10.30 am. Parents are welcome to accompany if they can. P.E is still on a Friday and this will also be the day homework is given.

bookmark_border Reading League

As you should know we have a Reading league at school which helps encourage children's reading at home. Each class has teams and these teams reading scores are sub-totalled each Friday and totalled monthly. The winning team each month receive a medal and the winning class receive a voucher.

So remember to read at home each evening and return your signed reading record to school every day. You will not only be helping your team win the reading league BUT also be in line for other prizes and treats for exceptional effort in reading.

Don't forget to visit our school library!

Term 4

Friday, 24th February, 11:43 AM

This term we are reading two Phillip Pullman stories: Clockwork and The Firework-maker’s daughter, which connects to our topic of fireworks. Through drama and art, we will develop writing and reading skills to extend the children’s thinking and imagination.

In history, we will cover the Gunpowder plot in detail and The First World war.

Maths is multiples, factors, primes, squares, division and multiplication. The children will be getting a lot of arithmetic practice so help at home with times tables would be a great place to start. We will also be looking at word problems in these areas and problem solving approaches, which require the children to give reasons and explanations for their thinking.

We will continue practising commas and looking at ways to write in a varied and lively way to excite audiences.

Science we will be investigating a variety of forces and testing our theories and questions about what we know and what we would like to find out: parachutes, boats and levers will be particularly looked at in detail.

In music, we will be working on a variety of songs to develop singing skills, including singing rounds, call and response and songs with a narrative.

Please keep up the good work of reading with your child every night-a little goes a long way and please sign the books so we can see how well their doing.

Thank you for all your support so far and please don’t hesitate to contact Mr Hazelby if you have any questions.