Hollington Primary Academy Pupil Premium 2016-17

If your child is eligible for free school meals but you have not completed a form because your child is in reception/ key stage 1 or brings a packed lunch, please ask Mrs Wibberley for a form. The school will receive funding that can be used to help your child.

Our academy receives Pupil Premium funding from the Government to help us support Free School Meals children and other children with a specifically identified disadvantage. At Hollington Primary Academy our Pupil Premium funding is used support the raising of standards through the following key areas:

Academic interventions aimed at developing basic skills

These include:

  • Reading Recovery teacher to support 1:1 reading in KS1
  • Reading Recovery trained teacher to support 1:1 reading and small group reading teaching in KS2
  • ‘Better Reading Partners’ delivered by a TA for small groups in KS1
  • Numbers Count trained teacher to support 1:1 and small group teaching of maths in KS1
  • Speech and Language Team, including a Speech Therapist and speech therapy assistants, delivering specific 1:1 programmes
Pastoral interventions to support self-esteem and emotional well-being

These include:

  • THRIVE activities delivered by a TA to support 1:1 and in small groups
  • A nurture group run by 2 TAs called ‘Explorers’
Learning and enrichment opportunities, projects and visits

These include:

  • ‘Power of Reading’ approach to learning throughout the school
  • Holiday challenges and competitions
  • The ‘Quest’ project for Year 4 children
  • Theatre visits and workshops within school
  • After School Clubs, including sports clubs run by our qualified sports’ coach
  • Local visits
  • Theme days
  • ‘Room 13’ Arts project
Parental support

These include:

  • A Parent Support Advisor, Lois Lee
  • A Key Worker, Tina Pellini
Promoting good attendance

These include:

  • Rewards celebrating good attendance, including the ‘Attendance Shop’
  • A part-time Attendance Officer, Rachael Veal
  • PSA support for parents whose children have low levels of attendance

We measure the impact of these funds to ensure that children who are eligible for Pupil Premium are making improved progress.

Impact of Pupil Premium Funding 2015 - 16

Foundation Stage Pupil Premium All Pupils National
Children achieving GLD 50% 64% 66.3%

Key Stage 1 Pupil Premium All Pupils National
Year 1 achieving Phonics Screening 84% 83% 81%
Year 2 Reading Expected Standard + 64% 69% 74%
Year 2 Writing Expected Standard ++ 57% 64% 65%
Year 2 Maths Expected Standard + 54% 60% 73%

Key Stage 2 Pupil Premium All Pupils National
Year 6 Reading Expected Standard + 44% 45% 66%
Year 6 Writing Expected Standard + 72% 68% 74%
Year 6 Maths Expected Standard + 56% 55% 70%
Year 6 Combined Expected Standard + 31% 36% 53%
Pupil premium spending intended for 2017-18

TOTAL £268,075

Initiative Staff/Activity
Reading Recovery Teacher Natasha Freeston
KS2 Reading Teacher Beccy Smith
Boosting Reading PotentialLisa Crowter (10 hours)
12 hours TA support
Dyslexia SupportAndrea Parnell
Specialist Speech and Language SupportBeth Search (1/3rd salary)
35 hrs SALT TA support
Language Link/ Junior Language Link8 hours TA support
Maths support16 hours TA support
Jump Ahead Lindsey Good ( 1 hour)
KS2 G and T supportIan Harvey (4 hours)
Year 6 BoostersDonna Griffin (9 hours)
Year 6 transitionDonna Griffin (3 hours)
Parent support teamSamina Prince (15 hours)
Safeguarding SupportAlison Early
Nurture and ThriveJo Williamson (30 hours)
Hannah Dewhurst (25 hours)
Laura Bolton (25 hours)
Lindsey Good (8 hours)
Jayne Byford (4 hours)
SportMatt Byford
Football coaching
Assertive mentoringDonna Griffin (1 hour)
EALMontserrat Valenti Arbos (10 hours)
Attendance Julie Reece (1 hour)
Samina Prince (15 hours)
Attendance shop rewards
ESBAS units
Curriculum enrichmentPower of Reading
Forest Schools
Shore Academy
G and T activities
Early Years enrichment activities
EFTAnnual subscription
Behaviour supportESBAS units
We use a 10 point plan to help identify where funding will be most effective within each class and year group and across the academy.