Pupil Parliament

Developing responsible citizens of the future and 'Big Thinkers'

At Hollington Primary Academy we have a Pupil Parliament made up of representatives from each class, along with members of the Pupil Leadership Team.

What is a Pupil Parliament?

A Pupil Parliament is a formal group of children within a school who are elected by their peers to represent them and their views. It is also a place where all classes are have a say on some whole academy decision. It is also a place for children to raise issues and concerns for potential solutions to be found. 


Why have a Pupil Parliament?

At Hollington we want our children to 'Think Big' and become responsible citizens of the future. Our Pupil Parliament allows our children to develop responsible attitudes and have a say on projects that will positively impact on our academy, and local community. Being a member of our Pupil Parliament gives the children the chance to represent their class in a wider forum, while developing their sense of belonging and self-confidence, while encouraging listening to others.

"I love being part of the Pupil Parliament. It allows me to make a difference to the academy. I feel more confident now after being a representative." 

Year 3 representative


How does the Pupil Parliament work?

At Hollington the Pupil Parliament meet every fortnight with Mr Smith. The Chair leads the meeting, with conventional committee procedures used. Each term the committee focuses on a project that will develop or improve an element of academy life, such as forming the Pupil Parliament Anti-Bullying Policy. If a child has an issue, they can raise it with their class representative and this will be taken to an upcoming meeting. 

For an example of a Pupil Parliament project, click on the image to access the Pupil Parliament Anti-Bullying Policy and Flow Chart.