British values

Our ‘Think Big’ vision is designed to help pupils to be tolerant and respectful to each other regardless of our faiths, beliefs and viewpoints, and to have positive attitudes towards their learning. It provides a framework for how we expect children to behave and to treat other people. We support all pupils to develop an understanding of the law as it applies to them, to respect individual rights and equality and to experience aspects of democracy.

The rule of law

All pupils understand the Academy’s rules and the values that underpin these.
All classes negotiate a class contract which provides pupils with a clear understanding of expectations and provides a positive shared language that helps pupils to understand rewards and consequences.

The curriculum, respect and diversity

Our Curriculum ensures that there are regular opportunities for all pupils to learn about Britain as the country in which they live, to compare British life with that of other places cultures and to explore diversity. We teach pupils about the importance of standing up for what they believe is right alongside listening to, and respecting, the views of others.

These British Values form a significant part of our assemblies, which reinforce our values alongside tolerance and diversity as well as teach our children about important British people, achievements and events.

Our pupils enjoy regular whole academy theme days, many of which enable them to explore and experience themes that relate to British Values. Recent themes include:

  • British Parliament day (which coincided with an election)
  • Equality Day (during Anti-Bullying Week)
  • All Different, All Equal Day


Pupils are taught from an early age that they each have individual rights as well as the ability to form their own opinions. Democracy is an important part of what we do, and pupils experience this through the election of our own Pupil Parliament. This functions like the Houses of Parliament, with elected class members debating issues that are then presented to the academy’s Senior Leadership Team. The Pupil Parliament helps to make changes within the academy and has carried out pupil surveys as well as writing the academy’s Anti-Bullying Policy