Meet our team

Leadership Team

Name Role(s)
Mrs J Reece Principal
Mr R Smith Vice Principal
Mrs A Parnell SENCo / DSL
Mrs A Saxby EYFS Lead
Mrs S Hagues

KS1 Phase Lead

Mrs S Bradford Lower KS2 Phase Lead
Miss N Dodd

Upper KS2 Phase Lead                               



Name Role(s)
Mrs J Weeks Nursery Supervisor
Mrs C Baldwin Nursery Practitioner
Mrs E Hammond Nursery Practitioner
Mrs G Harding Nursery Practitioner
Ms M Hoath Nursery Practitioner
Ms L Little Nursery Practitioner                                 


Name Role(s)
Mrs A Saxby Barn Owl Class Teacher
Miss H Simpson Barn Owl Graduate Teacher
Mrs H Hook Barn Owl Teaching Assistant
Mrs B Beeching Tawny Owl Class Teacher
Mrs C Haddock Tawny Owl Class Teacher
Mrs S Sellors Foundation Stage Teacher
Miss K O'Hara Tawny Owl Teaching Assistant              

Year 1

Name Role(s)
Miss J Mortland Kestrel Class Teacher
Mrs A Wingfield Kestrel Teaching Assistant
Miss S Johnson Kite Class Teacher
Miss H Dewhurst Kite Teaching Assistant                         

Year 2

Name Role(s)
Mrs Hagues

Hawk Class Teacher
KS1 Phase Lead

Mrs J Watson Hawk Teaching Assistant
Miss S Jeffrey Harrier Class Teacher
Mrs S Goodwin Harrier Teaching Assistant                      

Year 3

Name Role(s)
Miss H Hamilton Buzzard Class Teacher
Mrs D Akar Buzzard Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Brennan Falcon Class Teacher
Miss K Johnson Falcon Teaching Assistant                     

Year 4

Name Role(s)
Mrs S Bradford Merlin Class Teacher
Lower Key Stage 2 Phase Lead
Mrs I Pace Merlin Teaching Assistant
Mrs D McDonald Osprey Class Teacher
Mrs V Easton Osprey Teaching Assistant     

Year 5

Name Role(s)
Mrs L Marchant Caracara Class Teacher
Miss C Dormer Caracara Teaching Assistant
Mr S Miles Condor Class Teacher
Ms L Darkes Condor Teaching Assistant                     

Year 6

Name Role(s)
Miss N Dodd Sea Eagle Class Teacher
Upper Key Stage 2 Phase Lead
Mrs E Holland Sea Eagle Teaching Assistant
Miss A Benford Golden Eagle Class Teacher
Mrs C Bryant Golden Eagle Teaching Assistant         
Mr L Bailley Year 6 Teaching Assistant

Inclusion Team

Name Role(s)
Mrs A Parnell SENCo
Mrs S Simpson  Inclusion Teacher
Ms J Williamson Behaviour and Thrive Mentor
Mrs T Byford SEN Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Lancaster SEN Teaching Assistant
Miss T Lakin SEN Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Britt SEN Teaching Assistant
Miss B Hurst SEN Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Szeliga SEN Teaching Assistant
English Intervention Lead
Miss A O'Keefe

SEN Teaching Assistant
Maths Intervention Lead

Mrs N Freeston Reading Recovery Teacher
Miss B Search Speech and Language Therapist
Mrs K Miller Speech and Language Therapy Assistant
Ms A Reilly Safeguarding Officer

Staff on Maternity Leave

Name Role(s)
Mrs S Beale Class Teacher                                                 
Miss A Morrison Class Teacher      

PPA Release

Name Role(s)                                                                          
Mrs C Munn Cover Teacher

Administration Team 

Name Role(s)
Mrs D Wibberley Officer Manager
Mrs K Potter Secretary
Mrs B Corbett Business Manager
Miss L Bolton Senior Leadership Team Administrative Assistant
Mr N Carter Attendance Officer
Lunchtime and After School Sports' Co-ordinator
Mr C Catt Trust IT Technician 

Facilities Team

Name Role(s)
Mr M Holding Site Manager
Mr S Downes Assistant Site Manager                             
Ms T Armstrong Cleaner
Mrs H Komlosi Cleaner
Mrs J Macnay Cleaner
Miss I Scott Cleaner
Miss A Harvey Cleaner