Vision and values

Our vision

Hollington Primary Academy is committed to ensuring all children reach their full potential. The whole team strive to provide an outstanding, creative, inclusive and fun learning experience. This is underpinned by high expectations, good behaviour, effective relationships and a welcoming ethos. We strive for our children to have positive attitudes, challenge themselves and develop strategies to become independent learners. As an academy we do not ‘stand still’ and are constantly looking to improve.

If you ‘Think Big’ then the sky’s the limit.


Our broad aims will be to create a happy, caring academy environment in which children can:

  • develop lively, enquiring minds and apply themselves to the task in hand
  • acquire knowledge and skills relevant to adult life and employment
  • build their confidence and self esteem and feel valued as individuals
  • endeavour to do their best and achieve independence
  • appreciate the differences and needs of others and acquire tolerance and understanding of people and their ideas.

Our values

We aim to provide an environment where effort and achievement are valued and self appraisal is encouraged. We hope to help each child:

  • communicate, question and express opinions
  • develop listening skills in a variety of situations
  • read fluently and accurately, with understanding and enjoyment
  • develop a legible style of handwriting and satisfactory standard of spelling
  • use mathematical skills with speed and accuracy
  • apply mathematical ideas in various situations at home and academy and in the local area
  • investigate and learn how to acquire and use information from various sources, observe living and inanimate things and master basic scientific ideas, know about geographical, historical and social aspects of the local environment and national heritage and recognise links between local, national and international events, use tools, materials and instruments effectively, develop expressive and physical skills and aesthetic appreciation which enhance the quality of work and leisure
  • develop habits of self discipline and a moral and social awareness which includes courtesy, good manners and consideration for others and to respect the religious beliefs of others.