Hollington is a Primary Academy, which is part of the University of Brighton Academies Trust, for children aged between 2+ and 11+ years of age. Currently we have about 420 children on roll, including those in the Nursery. We make full use of our great facilities to enable us to bring the best out of our children. 

This is a fantastic primary academy with amazing children, parents and staff who are all committed to our academy vision of ‘Think Big’ to ensure our children get the very best start in life. Helping children to develop a love of learning is our core purpose and we pride ourselves on our strong relationships with all members of our community.

At Hollington we all ‘Think Big’ because the sky’s the limit! We believe, if you believe, then there is nothing to stop you.


“Hollington Primary Academy is a caring, exciting, welcoming academy where children aged two to 11 years old can thrive in a safe and stimulating environment.”

“We encourage our pupils to ‘Think Big,’ reminding them that, if they do so, the sky is the limit. At Hollington every child has the right to learn and to be the best that they can be.”


What are the benefits of being an academy?

The benefits of being an academy include:

• Access to expert advice and support from the University of Brighton Academies Trust to further develop our teaching
• Curriculum freedoms, as an academy we can develop learning that really excites children
• The continuation of our distinctive and inclusive ethos
• The resources we need to move our good school to outstanding.



What do our parents say?

"The Reception staff have been great.  My child never settled at nursery but now she can’t wait to get to school.’ 
New Reception parent

"My children love the rewards - Top Table, Big Thinkers and now Dojos, which are so cool that I have started using them at home as well."
Year 2 and 4 parent

"The staff are so much better at understanding my child’s needs than the staff were at his last school.  Things are getting done to help him."
Year 6 parent