Big Thinkers

If you ‘Think Big’ then the sky’s the limit.

At Hollington Primary Academy our vision is for all children to 'Think Big' and, as such, encourage them to do so in all areas of their lives, both in school and in the wider world. We have two different ways of celebrating children who 'Think

Firstly, we have our daily 'Big Thinkers' sessions that occur at the end of the academic day and are designed to celebrate children who demonstrate one of the academy's 'Think Big' values of respect, relationships, inclusion, high aspirations, determination and resilience either through their conduct or their learning that day. These children are then sent to Mrs Reece at the end of each school day to celebrate this. For being a 'Big Thinker' children are given one of Mrs Reece's special 'Think Big' stickers. 

During the current pandemic, 'Big Thinkers' continues, with one example of amazing learning being posted on the academy Facebook feed daily to celebrate our children's successes.


Secondly, one child per class, who demonstrate that they 'Think Big' across a week, will be celebrated in our Friday celebration assemblies. We focus on one of the academy values each week and celebrate the stand out child in each class who has done something amazing that fulfils that value. These children will then receive one of our academy 'Think Big' certificates to mark this positive experience, as well as having a text message sent home to celebrate this achievement. 

If you want to be recognised as a 'Big Thinker' at Hollington, do everything you can to fulfil one of our values!


Don't take it from us though, here is what our children think about 'Big Thinkers'

"I really like going to  Big Thinkers to share my learning because I feel my hard work has been recognised. I like getting a Big Thinkers sticker too!"
Year 2 child

"When I get sent to Big Thinkers I feel I have done something impressive  because you are going to the Principal. It's a bit like being famous!"
- Year 4 child

"I feel proud when I get a Big Thinker certificate because you know that you've done something that has made your teacher think - 'WOW!'
- Year 6 child



What are you going to do today  that will make you a
'Big Thinker'?

Which of the academy values will you demonstrate?