Wraparound care

From September 2016, all parents/carers of children in Reception up to Year 9 have the right to request that the school their child attends considers establishing (or extending) wraparound and / or holiday childcare.

Childcare providers may also request to use school facilities for wraparound and / or holiday provision at times when the school is not using them.

Wraparound care includes, for example:

  • early morning 'breakfast club' provision
  • after-school childcare which extends beyond the end of the school day during term time
  • childcare available in the school holidays.


Timetable and process for requests

The timetable and process for requests at this academy during 2019/20 is set out below:

17 March 2020- 28 April 2020 – Annual request window

1 May 2020- 31 May 2020 – Consideration of requests

8 June 2020 – Response to requests

Parents/carers are invited to submit their requests using this online form:

Childcare providers are invited to submit their requests using this online form:


The following issues will inform the consideration of requests from parents/carers and childcare providers:

  • the level of demand for wraparound and / or holiday provision for different age groups
  • whether there is existing provision at the academy
  • whether there are nearby schools/academies who would be interested in collaborating to offer wraparound and / or holiday provision to reach a critical mass
  • whether there is suitable space available within the academy to run the wraparound and / or holiday provision at the times requested
  • practical issues such as site security, cleaning etc
  • whether there is existing similar provision available locally
  • whether there is sufficient leadership capacity to manage the provision
  • whether there is evidence of value for money.

Further information regarding existing local childcare services can be found here:
East Sussex Community Information Service
West Sussex County Council