Our aim at Hollington is to provide our children with the knowledge to prepare them for the future world in which they will live.

At Hollington Primary Academy we are developing an ambitious knowledge-rich curriculum. Each term there is an over-arching theme, supported by a spine text that runs throughout the programmes of study. The spine texts below have been selected as high-quality texts to support the delivering of our English curriculum, while supporting learning in wider curriculum subjects. We celebrate each subject discipline in its own right because we believe it is essential that we stimulate and broaden our children’s horizons, developing them as historians in history, scientists in science and so on.

All programmes of study are designed to engage, interest and motivate our children to take their learning beyond the classroom. They fully cover the National Curriculum, alongside other core content we, as an academy, feel are important.  Our progressive and sequential programmes of study are designed to develop our children’s knowledge, allowing them to commit the learning to their long term memory, ultimately supporting them to know more and remember more.

For more detailed information on the children's learning for each term, visit the year group pages, under the Teaching and Learning tab.