Reading Recovery

What is Reading Recovery?

Hollington Primary Academy has been committed to an Every Child a Reader (ECAR) accreditation for over a decade. That means every child has a chance to make accelerated progress through either quality teaching of reading in a classroom, or quality interventions, if extra support is required.  

Most of our Teaching assistants are trained in BRP (Boosting Reading Potential) intervention designed for children both in  Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 who are just below the average of their class and lack the confidence to” have a try”, as well as EAL pupils needing language, reading and comprehension development.  

Our children who need even more intensive intervention to accelerate their progress have access to Reading Recovery. Reading Recovery is an accredited literacy programme for the lowest achieving children in Key Stage 1 that enables them to reach age-expected levels within 20 weeks. It involves a short series of one-to-one lessons every day with a specially trained teacher. Each lesson is carefully structured to work with children’s strength and maximise the progress by using quality texts matched to the learner’s level, composing and writing a message and applying all the acquired skills and strategies to get the meaning and the enjoyment out of reading.  


"I can’t believe that my child has gone up two book levels since September and is really making progress."
Year 2 parent